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Our Products


We work to distribute different medical materials and equipment to local hospitals, clinics and dispensaries via our distributors.

Among the products we distribute are disposables such as gloves, syringes, scissors, masks, gowns, surgical knives, bandages, gauze tapes, etc.

The shealthcare systems in Africa are organized into different tiers. The top tier comprises of hospitals which provide the best healthcare in the region. They often have advanced facilities, however, even at these hospitals, there are many issues with overcrowding, lack of up-to-date equipment and insufficient medical supplies.

The other tiers in the healthcare system include research institutions as well as regional hospitals. The regional hospitals may also have some advanced facilities, but, generally, still lack equipment, supplies, and medicine.

high end

High -end professional cosmetics Products

We supply  through our distribution partners luxury shopping malls and centers and work with them for our high-end brands.

There has been an economic burst in Africa in the last few years which accommodates the potential of niche products on our markets.

We currently supply relaxers, texturizers, hair creams (petroleum jelly), hair gels and salon accessories like brushes, combs, salon aprons and capes, spray bottles, hair rollers and clips to salons across our territories.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The FMCG foods, cosmetics and household goods make up to 75% of Valertos sales currently.

We give adequate attention and care for all brands that we currently represent and hope to represent in the future.

We carefully select brands we work with by studying the market and observing its needs before setting off to look for new suppliers. We are proud to say that all our partners enjoy working with us.

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